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Trading : Fork lift trucks

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Trading-Fork lift trucks-HYUNDAI-45DS-7 Brand: HYUNDAI
Model: 45DS-7
Price: 12000.00 EUR
New price: 10800.00 EUR
Trading-Fork lift trucks-CATERPILLAR-EP20KT Brand: CATERPILLAR
Model: EP20KT
Year: 2005
Price: 12500.00 EUR
New price: 11300.00 EUR
Trading-Fork lift trucks-HYUNDAI-HBF18T Brand: HYUNDAI
Model: HBF18T
Year: 2004
Price: 7200.00 EUR
New price: 6500.00 EUR
Trading-Fork lift trucks-Rocla-PEW-16TR Brand: Rocla
Model: PEW-16TR
Year: 2000
Trading-Fork lift trucks-Nissan-1N1L180 Brand: Nissan
Model: 1N1L180
Year: 2007
Price: 12800.00 EUR
Trading-Fork lift trucks-YALE-MS10E-3260 Brand: YALE
Model: MS10E-3260
Year: 2007
Price: 4200.00 EUR
Trading-Fork lift trucks-Nissan-H40 Brand: Nissan
Model: H40
Year: 2002
Price: 9000.00 EUR
Trading-Fork lift trucks-Rocla-SST16 Brand: Rocla
Model: SST16
Year: 2003
Trading-Fork lift trucks-Nissan-YG1D2A30Q Brand: Nissan
Model: YG1D2A30Q
Year: 2008
Price: 18500.00 EUR
Trading-Fork lift trucks-Rocla-SST16TR 5400 Brand: Rocla
Model: SST16TR 5400
Year: 2005
Trading-Fork lift trucks-TCM-FD35T9 Brand: TCM
Model: FD35T9
Year: 2000
Price: 8500.00 EUR
Trading-Fork lift trucks-YALE-Laadur Brand: YALE
Model: Laadur
Year: 2006
Price: 15000.00 EUR
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